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    how to use WWB6 with UHFR1
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    how to use WWB6 with UHFR
    Personal Computer:
    Toshiba Tecra, operating on Windows 8.1 64-bits, with 6GB as system memory
    Shure Hardware:
    1x UHF-R

    i am aiming to use my UHF-R system (UR4D) to scan the spectrum in order to plan an SLX installation with the proper frequencies (Manual frequency planning). i used to do the same process with WWB5 and the systems works ok with my previous computer working on Windows 7. now i faced 2 obstacles:

    1- WWB 5 couldn't be installed on windows 8.1, and i failed to find on the internet any installation file for it. 

    2- by using WWB6, the UR4D was not discovered on the network:

    - the computer and the UR4D are both connected to same Router, in the same IP range. 

    - the ping result is 100%

    - I specified in network settings for WWB6 the correct network adapter to be used. 

    can anyone assist me to overcome these two obstacles? 

    Many Thanks 


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