• Sam Drazin
    Hi Sam, is there a feature in WWB 6.0 to automatically alert users if the connected Axient components are not running on the same firmware version?

    Hi Andy. At this time, there is no such feature.

    The primary interface for viewing and managing firmware versions for all Axient (and PSM1000) devices is the Firmware Update Manager. Access this menu from Tools -> Firmware Update Manager. This tool will allow you to download any available firmware updates, browse all devices seen on your network, and push any of the downloaded firmware versions to any of the connected devices. You can also view each connected device, and check it's current firmware version, ensuring that all devices are running the same firmware.

    For more information on how to use the Firmware Update Manager, check out this tutorial video.

  • Sam Drazin
    Is it necessary for the transmitter to be updated, or just the receiver?

    Updating just the receivers will be fine.

    The UHF-R series of receivers are intended to be backward compatible with all versions of UHF-R transmitters. Users do not need to update their transmitters, the transmitters will continue to work.

    The primary reasons for newer versions of UHF-R transmitter firmware are:
    1) Add support for new RF Bands - such as G1, K4E, P8, etc.
    2) Add support for new hardware variants such as UR1M, UR1H, and RoHS compliant parts.
    3) Minor additions to IR Presets and telemetry information. (such as the Battery Type for UR1M/H)
  • Sam Drazin
    Sam - what's the procedure to update the transmitters? Does it happen on a sync? I don't think I've even been able to update a transmitter after updating the receiver. Thanks.

    Brian, this is actually a task that must be performed by one of our Distribution Centers or Service Department. This unfortunately cannot be performed by the end user via any method, including IR sync.
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