• Sam Drazin

    Thanks for your feedback, and letting us know that it's important to see channel colors and channel labels super-imposed on the spectrum plots in WWB6.

    We should be able to add the ability to choose the coloring scheme of those markers (compatibility, or channel color) in a future update.

    You should, however, be able to see frequency markers with their channel colors of deployed frequencies in the Frequency Plot, but there also happens to be a bug in that is preventing that from working in some scenarios.  We are in the middle of fixing that now.

    @Paulo Rodrigues: Regarding channel labels, was it readable to view the labels as they were displayed in previous versions?  Often times we witnessed users with markers like the screenshot posted by @SteveCaldwell, where the channel labels all overlapped one another, and were not legible.  We removed the labels in 6.11, and added the ability to select a marker, and it's corresponding frequency in the Coordination Workspace would become selected as well to clear up the plot view.  

    Perhaps a more clear presentation of channel labels on the plot is desired?

  • Sam Drazin

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comment.  This is an improvement that we hope to bring into an updated version of WWB6 shortly.  


  • Sam Drazin
    Can we have frequency and power lock on the main monitor page so we don't have to go into the properties for the UR to see that status of this?

    Hey Justin. Are you talking about making this parameter visible from the channel strip, which is viewable from the Monitor tab? Currently, this parameter is only visible within the properties panel, so I understand why having it on the surface somewhere would be helpful.
  • Sam Drazin
    Hi Sam, is there a feature in WWB 6.0 to automatically alert users if the connected Axient components are not running on the same firmware version?

    Hi Andy. At this time, there is no such feature.

    The primary interface for viewing and managing firmware versions for all Axient (and PSM1000) devices is the Firmware Update Manager. Access this menu from Tools -> Firmware Update Manager. This tool will allow you to download any available firmware updates, browse all devices seen on your network, and push any of the downloaded firmware versions to any of the connected devices. You can also view each connected device, and check it's current firmware version, ensuring that all devices are running the same firmware.

    For more information on how to use the Firmware Update Manager, check out this tutorial video.

  • Sam Drazin

    Why we can't see the interference screen in WWB6.5?
    Only this is possible in Alerts Screen?.
    We use for this example ULXD4, ULXD4D and ULXD4Q.
    We can see Interference alert on display unit but never in WWB6.5.
    Best regards

    Hi Flappi,

    In WWB6, there is no popup interference screen for ULX-D receivers. The Interference Alert dialog is only connected to Axient receivers (AXT400). You will, however, see an interference log entry in the Alerts Log (visible by pressing the "Alerts" button from the top tool bar).

    I hope this helps.
  • Sam Drazin
    I went back to WWB and accidentally moved the program window which reveled another prompt regarding multiple network connections.
    This prompt was hidden behind the start up splash window...
    problem solved.

    Glad you found resolution to this, Criss.
  • Sam Drazin

    Hey Steve,

    I believe this issue has been resolved in the recently released WWB 6.12.  Please let me know if you continue to experience this issue!


  • Sam Drazin

    6.12 is now available!  Hopefully the updated tooltips in the coordination workspace will address your needs.

  • Sam Drazin

    Hi @glparke,

    Thanks for your suggestion!  In the soon-to-be-released 6.12, we will add a more comprehensive tooltip over the frequency markers that indicates channel name (as well as device type and frequency).  

    Regarding "snap to marker" when selecting a frequency below in the Coordination Workspace, do you mean an ability to show the marker in the plot for the given frequency selection in the table?  If not, would you mind clarifying?



  • Sam Drazin

    Hi Andy,

    In order to properly communicate with networked Shure devices, WWB needs full network access so that it can send and receive messages properly between devices and software.  Do you happen to have any network protection/antivirus softare or firewalls installed and/or active on your computer?

    If so, you might try disabling them, or making sure that the operating system provides WWB and all other affiliated executables (acnproxy, snetdaemon) full access to send and receive messages through the network.

    There are a number of things that can lead to messages not being properly "sent" or "received" by the device.  Interference of network communication is only one of them.  Any more info you can provide about your hardware/software versions, computer OS, network topology, etc would be helpful to better diagnose the issue.



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