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    Sorry for the confusion, we tend to use the terms Automatic, dynamic, and DHCP interchangeably. It all means that the device is looking to get an IP address assigned to it. Static or Manual means the user needs to assign an IP.

    I looked up the data sheet for the router - certainly is an old one! Am I correct in noticing that there is only one physical ethernet jack on it? I noticed this statement, "It's a router, capable of networking up to 2 computers using wires, with a minimum amount of hassle."

    I'm not sure how that would affect things, but it seemed like a curious statement. Just for a test, can you borrow another DHCP router from someone to try? Maybe a Linksys or D-Link device? It would help us determine if it might the Actiontec router that might have a setting that causes an issue.
  • Gino Sigismondi
    Hi Roy,

    If you are seeing Axient devices showing an IP address starting with 169, that means they are not getting an IP address from the router (or the AXT620). The 169 in the first octet indicates the "fall back" IP that our devices use when they are set for Automatic but don't get assigned an IP address from the router. When the DHCP switch is turned "off" on the AXT620, it should (as you say) act just like a regular network switch, and IP addresses from the other router should flow through to all your Axient devices.

    Don't be distracted by the "link" designation on the AXT620, it shouldn't make a difference here. Can you tell us what the make/model is of the other router you are using?
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