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  • roba

    Could the alphabetical sorting of names be extended to recognise numbers please? Currently a list of ten mics numbered 1-10 is sorted:

    Mic 1, Mic 10, Mic 2, ....., Mic 9


  • roba

    A similar bug to report:

    When a device is deleted from a zone or the frequency is manually changed (ie overtyped in the inventory), a backup frequency is created from the old frequency. If frequencies are then deployed to inventory from the 'new calculation' dialog then this backup frequency disappears from the frequency list, but if an analysis is run instead then the backup frequency is included in the analysis. This is not helpful as frequently I need to either delete a device or alter its frequency manually in an attempt to achieve a co-ordinated frequency plan without altering any other frequencies.

    Initially the only way I'd found to delete the backup frequencies before running the analysis again is to create a new zone, delete the old zone and transfer its devices to the new zone. A further bug becomes evident here, though - the newly created zone is not visible in the frequency list until frequencies are deployed to inventory from the 'new calculation' dialog (although it is visible to the 'analyse current frequencies' algorithm). Similarly, if a device is added to a newly created zone using 'Add Device' and its frequency is manually entered, the zone is not visible until frequencies have been deployed from the 'new calculation' dialog.

    On some occasions this method of deleting the backup frequency(s) hasn't worked, though, and the backup frequency(s) have been retained in the zone that devices were moved to. On these occasions I've had to create a new zone, add the desired devices to it and allocate their frequencies manually, before deleting the buggy zone and transferring devices to 'Default', then delete the devices from 'Default'. I've not been able to replicate this in testing, though.

    Anyway, I've now discovered that the backup frequencies can be deleted before running an analysis by deselecting all channels in the 'Manage Channels' dialog, running a new calculation and clicking 'deploy to inventory' (although there are no frequencies to deploy).




  • roba

    I was gonna report this bug also, but since it's been clarified that it's intentional, I'll turn this into a feature request - can we have a way of deleting empty zones please, eg right-clicking on the zone header to bring up the 'Delete Zone' option. Currently the only workaround I've found is to add an arbitrary device to the zone, delete the zone from the right-click menu in the device line and choose to move it to another zone, then delete the device from that zone.

  • roba

    Re locking frequencies, I'd basically like a shortcut in the main inventory window to unticking channels in the 'manage channels' tab. Eg an extra column in the inventory window next to 'Frequency' where a padlock symbol could be toggled on and off. Padlock on = channel unticked in 'manage channels', padlock off = channel ticked in 'manage channels'.

    It'd then be nice if the padlock symbol could be toggled in the zone or group header bar, as a shortcut to locking all frequencies in the zone/group.

    To tie mute groups into this, I'd similarly like to see a further column next to 'Frequency' in the inventory where an RF-mute symbol could be toggled on and off. With the same header-bar functionality as the frequency lock, ie that a whole zone or group could be RF-muted with one click.

    I'd see RF mute groups as components of Zones, btw, ie the heirarchy in the inventory window would be Zone > Group > Channel. Both Zones and Groups would have header bars with the functionality above, so that toggling the lock or mute for a Zone would affect all Groups (and therefore Channels) in the Zone, and toggling for a Group would affect all Channels.


  • roba

    One further thought now that you've mentioned the cumbersome nature of the 'manage channels' tab - I'd like to be able to lock the frequency of a channel, or all frequencies in a zone (or RF mute group) with a single mouse click, in the main inventory window and see a clear indication there that the channel was locked :)


  • roba

    Hi Ron

    Doesn't unticking a channel just lock the frequency so it's not changed by the calculation, rather than disregarding it? I want the calculation to ignore 'muted' channels, so that other channels that are in use can be allocated frequencies that would otherwise conflict with the unused channels.

    Cheers, Rob

  • roba
    Sorry, should've been clearer about the timeline - I suggest this as an aid to frequency planning only, definitely not for control automation! Although stage managers would probably welcome the facility of automatically muting a band if they over-ran their set time ;)
  • roba
    First post here - used WWB6 to co-ordinate a few multi-stage festivals over the summer, and gotta say that it's excellent!

    Like the idea of assigning transmitters to multiple zones, anyway - on occasion we have to deal with devices that roam all over festival sites. An alternative feature would be a 'Master' zone whose members are automatically included in every individual zone.

    Before I read this topic, though, my request was gonna be for RF mute groups. I see these working on two levels - in coordination they'd allow devices within a zone to be disregarded during an analysis, as Liam suggests above, and in system control they'd allow the RF of entire IEM systems to be muted/unmuted with one mouse click (I guess Axient mics can be RF-muted remotely, also?). This Group approach would maintain the use of Zones for physically separated areas, but allow for time separation also.

    I did just have in mind that Groups would be manually muted/unmuted for each coordination analysis, but Daniel's request brings a nicer idea to mind - that each Group could be assigned a time period when it was live, and the software would do the hard work of coordinating all the various permutations throughout the event. The ability to bring up a timeline showing all the Zones and the Groups within them, and drag the start and end times of each Group would be great. (Would also be useful to be able to cut or copy a Group from one Zone and paste it into another - we often move whole RF racks between stages at festivals.)
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