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    new purchass BLX wireless1
    Topic posted March 13, 2016 by russel wendtNovice in Microflex Wireless > All Questions & Answers Topics public
    new purchass BLX wireless

    just purchased a BLX14R/MX53 wireless headset.  what is the volume control on the back of the receiver for?  and with a screwdriver? that really threw me for a loop.  I'm a singer & musician.  I play guitar & sing live to backing tracks.  I have a bose L1 compact & have a bose t1 tone match mixer.  there is gain & volume control on the mixer plus master volume.  there is gain control on the BLX transmitter.  there is volume control on the bose L1.  now I have to adjust volume on the receiver & with a screwdriver?  there is nothing in the manual that explains what this volume with a screwdriver is for.  somebody show a little mercy to a singer & musician who is not a tech geek please.


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