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  • oldhippie

    Thank you so much for the quick response. I'll be trying your suggestion and will report back here as well as getting with the support folks if needed. So far it's holding through several reboots of the computer but I'm interested in trying the "default" settings.

    Thanks again.  

  • oldhippie

    I apologize for the delay in updating this thread but we are two people down in staff so been pretty busy.

    I've worked on the Cisco CS200 settings some more and have the receivers talking to the laptop right now for testing. When you start the program it doesn't always see all of the receivers unless you power cycle them.  After setting the Green settings and the ACN settings to I hope the proper ones, the switch will let the receicers talk to the laptop but the link lights only blink once every few minutes.

    Is there by chance a list of the proper CS200 switch settings available.  I'm not an IT guy and don't understand the inner workings of these switches enough yet to be comfortable with them. I'm studying but any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks again. 

  • oldhippie

    Greetings again,

     I've not had any luck after checking the switch settings and have also discoverd the following which is getting me away from suspecting the switches. 

    I can't get the receivers to talk even directly connected to a laptop. Our ULXD4s only have one Ethernet port so I can't daisy chain them. If I connect a receiver directly to the laptop, I can ping it no problem but Wireless workbench will not see it.  Firmware  is 1.4.8.

    Again, Thanks in advance. 

  • oldhippie

    Thank you for the quick response. Just for more info, we are using this on windows machines and have the same issue on machines running XP or Win 7 connected right at the switch that's connected to the receivers or further down the chain.

    I'll be trying the suggestions and post back here the results. It's a great learning experience for an old analog TV and Audio Engineer. Thanks again.

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