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Wireless Workbench 6 offers comprehensive control of networked Shure wireless systems. It provides a rich interface to manage every facet of a performance over the network, from pre-show planning to monitoring a live performance.  Some key features of Wireless Workbench 6 include:

  • Pre-show specification of the RF environment including offline TV channel lookups
  • Perform live RF scans and analysis, with detailed graphic overlays and device markers on a high-resolution frequency plot
  • Create custom equipment profiles, and utilize included 3rd party equipment profiles for complete inventory management
  • Comprehensive frequency coordination with advanced spectrum planning tools and equipment compatibility levels
  • Live remote monitoring and control of networked hardware
  • Customized monitoring controls in a familiar channel strip interface
  • Configurable alerts to provide quick response options to events like interference, low battery levels, and low RF signal strength

Delivering the ability to coordinate, monitor, and control the most complex wireless systems all from a laptop computer, Wireless Workbench 6 maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of Shure wireless systems.

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