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Wireless Workbench 6

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System Requirements

Processor Intel Core i3,i5,i7 equivalent running at 2+ Ghz
System Memory 4 GB or more
Hard Drive 5 GB+ Available (install size is 400 MB)
Minimum Screen Resolution 1280x768

NOTE: A computer at or above these specifications is required when using systems with higher channel counts (20+) and larger coordinations. For smaller setups Wireless Workbench will run on less powerful computers, but may suffer performance issues and slow operation.

Wi-FI Usage: Wireless Workbench requires 802.11g, 802.11n. It should be noted that 802.11b is not supported by WWB6.

Mac Users: If you are using a MacBook Pro which is not of the Unibody design (mid-2008 or earlier), then your machine will experience restricted control of networked devices due to hardware limitations of the laptop.

Consult the Axient System Guide for more details on required hardware and recommended network configurations.

Firmware Requirements

When installing Wireless Workbench for the first time, be sure to update the firmware for your hardware to the latest available firmware version using Shure Update Utility. This application can be downloaded and launched stand-alone, or through Wireless Workbench 6 by selecting Tools > Shure Update Utility from the toolbar menu. Click here for installation help.

Wireless Workbench v 6.12.2

Product Series Recommended Version Minimum Version
Axient 1.17.10 1.8.8
Axient Digital, SBCx40 1.0.17 1.0.17
PSM1000 1.4.2 1.3.6
QLX-D 2.1.5 1.0.15
SBRC 1.0.1 1.0.1
UHF-R 1.171 1.166
ULX-D, SBCx50 2.1.16 1.2.14

User-Created Files

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